Updates and Adulthood

Well, this is a much needed update, that I’ve been meaning to post for some months now.

So much has happened unexpectedly, and I’ve been getting a grip on my new reality.

I have made a leap into the world of business!  I’ve started making chainmaille jewellry, which I am selling on Etsy:
Anyway, this is taking up quite a lot of my time, making jewellry, and advertising and stuff.

Another major leap for me is coming out as genderfluid.  I know that quite a lot of Aspie girls feel more androgynous than other girls on average.  Indeed, Asperger’s has been described as a strengthening of the masculine traits.  Anyway, this hasn’t affected my physical life much, but has given me freedom in my mind to be who I am.

I’ve recently turned 18! I am not, a fully fledged adult!
I know that in reality, I’m able to do ‘what I want’, yet I cannot help being disappointed in myself, as I know that I will never truly be able to function properly on my own.  Coming of age has made this hit home rather hard.

The last major development in life is that I’m going to university! I’ve accepted my offer, and I’ll be off in September to study Marine Science 🙂

Well, that’s all from me for now. But I’m going to start updating more regularly again.


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